Saturday, 22 January 2011

And so to The Met...

..and the opening of my Joy Division last!
Was on the blower to Hooky this week. He was joking about all the money I've made out of him and the band. (I'm hiding it well, eh Hooky!!) He managed to blag a T-shirt and some photographs out of me for his collection, and hopes to use a shot or two in the new book he's writing.

Excellent programme on Beeb 4 about Thin Lizzy last night, and some fantastic stills of Lynott and the boys giving it welly! I'd have loved to have seen them, and I hadn't realised they'd had so many guitarists!) Catch it on iPlayer ..

Anyway, first things first...I've an appointment with a new bride-to-be this morning, and hopefully that'll be another booking in the diary for her September Wedding.

The shot today is from my book Don't Miss This!

And so to The Met...