Thursday, 27 April 2017

Modelling ..

Glamour Photography .. circa 1977! I think it's fair to say I wasn't exactly cutting edge, but it brought a smile to my face when these photographs emerged the other day. Both girls worked in the same office as I did at Gardner Diesels in Eccles - in my pre-photographer days - and I'd obviously persuaded them to pose in order for me to gain some experience in the mysterious world of 'modelling'. How quaint ..

I was shooting a different kind of modelling yesterday. Three dimensional modelling of ear moulds! Not quite the same, eh? I was shooting PR for a firm that makes custom 'ear products' .. noise protection for musicians and such like and, as much as I enjoyed it - and I did, it was a really interesting lighting/posing challenge - I don't think I had that in mind as a nascent photographer all those years ago. Still, modelling is modelling ..

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Michelle's little helpers ..

There was no shortage of help at the Wedding yesterday at Hollin Hall Hotel. The bride's pals were only too happy to dive in and shift lights or straighten veils for me. Thank you, ladies. I just wonder if I should expect to receive an invoice! Many congrats to Michelle and Ben, and check out their page on my website ..

Friday, 21 April 2017

Now you see it ..

I'm writing this on a typical Friday night before a Wedding. I'm charging batteries, cleaning sensors, dusting lenses, formatting memory cards .. all to make sure I'm good to go in the morning. So it was nice that I got a chance to get out this afternoon, walk the dogs, get some fresh air .. and notice all the blossom, already falling to the floor. That's Wedding Photography in a nutshell. A Wedding Day is such a fast moving, fleeting thing that it's vital you have a good photographer to capture the entire feel of the day whilst it's there. Sod this modern "fashion shoot" approach to Weddings. Get in there and get some proper documentary photography done. Sermon over ..

Thursday, 20 April 2017

In floods ..

My nose is running, my car isn't running ..  and a leak in the kitchen has brought down part of the ceiling. I'm in floods ..

I'm suddenly full of a cold that's absolutely knocked me for six, my car's developed an oil leak that's put it in a garage since Tuesday and now a drip from the bathroom (I think) has made a bloody big hole in the kitchen ceiling.
On the plus side, er ..

Well, of course, the plus side is that my cold will be gone by the time I shoot Saturday's Wedding, the car will be ready tomorrow and I've got a mate called Terry who's a plasterer. Sorted. Don't sweat the small stuff, eh?..

Ps: Any excuse to show this archive shot of my cousin fixing my old Fiat 127 .. in his socks!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Hels Bells ..

Bad weather? Well, I'm not saying it was windy at yesterday's Wedding but just take a look at this. The bloody veil blew off! Then it drizzled, then it rained, then it absolutely hammered down .. and all the bride and groom's family group shots had to be done indoors. Still, we managed to get every picture the couple wanted, and more power to Helen and Simon for braving the elements just to please little old me. Many congratulations, guys. Oh, and Hels Bells? It's not a misprint, it's Helen's name on ye olde Book of Face.
Hell's Bells indeed ..

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Safe hands ..

As I plan my trip to a Wedding tomorrow there's a family in France gearing up to visit our gîte. I'll be heading off to the countryside of south Cheshire as they travel to the rural peace of Deux-Sèvres, and this is how my summer is going to be. I'll be photographing Weddings here as our gîte rental business takes off there. We're lucky in that we've found an English couple in France who will 'run' the gîte for us until we can get over there permanently in September. It's nice to know it's in safe hands ..

Today's photograph features a bride enjoying a game of cricket with her ushers at Heaton House Farm. That's where I'll be in the morning and, happily, tomorrow's bride will know her Wedding's in safe hands, too ..

Monday, 10 April 2017

Number One Fan ..

I was looking at gig listings in the Sunday 'paper yesterday, checking out tours coming up later in the year, when I was suddenly struck by a thought. I won't be here! I'll be living in France by the Autumn. Oh wow, how exciting. Having said that, there's absolutely no-one I want to go and see any more and, even if I did, I wouldn't be able to enjoy them like I show in my archive shot, leaning right on the stage with my ear-'oles shoved into the speakers! I know it's a generational thing but I haven't heard of most of the 'stars' listed in the 'paper anyway and I had a taste of how 'out of touch' I am when I shot the Food-Eating contest at The Trafford Centre last Thursday. When I got home I tweeted a photograph of one of the organisers, a young actor called Danny Miller. Now, lovely lad that he is, and no disrespect to Danny, but I'd never heard of him until last week. I had to have him pointed out to me as someone I needed to photograph. Well it shows you what I know 'cos the image began to get hits and shares as soon as I tweeted it and, by this morning, it had had - let me check - 8,465 hits. The most I've ever had for a tweet. (Out of curiosity I waited for a moment after I typed that and that number rose by another three hits.) He might be a stranger to me but he sure as hell has a lot of fans out there. Perhaps I should join their ranks. Get with the programme, grandad ..

Ps: The programme? Emmerdale .. but then you knew that already, didn't you?

Stop Press: 4pm Tuesday .. now 8,888 hits! Dey like dat boy ...